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Quality Led Products can last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs & Use 75%  less energy.

LEDs,  Emit very little heat. In comparison, incandescent bulbs release 90% of their energy as heat and CFLs release about 80% of their energy as heat. 

Led's are directional, focusing light in ways that are more useful in homes.

The light-emitting diode (LED)  is one of today's most energy-efficient and rapidly-developing lighting technologies. 

   Quality LED light bulbs last longer,  are more durable,  and offer comparable or better light quality than other types of lighting.   

     LEDs  are the size of a fleck of pepper, and a mix of red, green, and blue  LEDs  is  typically used to make white light.

      LEDs,   Emit light in a specific direction, reducing the need for reflectors and diffusers that can trap light.  This feature makes LEDs more efficient for many uses such as recessed  downlights & task lighting.   With other types of lighting,  the light must be reflected to the desired direction and more than half of the light may never leave the fixture.